Here's another reason to come visit us at the Studio.

Over the next several months we’ll be bringing in new brands that compliment Peter Nappi.  Brands that celebrate excellent craftsmanship through timeless design and European influences.  Some will be stalwarts of the world's fashion scene and others will be hard-to-find brands.  A finely curated selection of goods from Europe and Japan, with a sprinkling of unique American brands.  All together under one roof continuing our tradition of a truly unique shopping experience.

But we need more space!  The Studio will be transformed over the next few months, and our beloved baby grand does not fit into the new plans.  Now's your chance to own a piece of history.  Played by some of the world's best musicians including the legendary Stevie Wonder, this piano will tell stories and entertain for years to come.



Kawai GM-10K Baby Grand with dehumidifier

5'0" Long, 59" Wide, 40" High, 595 lbs.

Free Delivery within Davidson County (first floor)


Send email to studio@peternappi.com with additional questions