November 09, 2017

If you’re one of the lucky winners of the “Living a Life Well Spent” sweepstakes, you’ll be spending some quality time in one of our favorite cities--Florence. In case you do find yourself there, through the sweepstakes or otherwise, we would love to share some of our favorite spots with you to eat, drink, and be merry!





First, you’ll have to find a place to stay. SoprArno Suites is a bed and breakfast with ten rooms, each with their own uniquely Tuscan theme. Each room has a unique style with furniture either specifically designed or uncovered from old Tuscany to create unique spaces unlike any other. The owners have scoured all corners of Italy to find strange and charming pieces to fill each of their one-of-a-kind rooms. In addition, the hospitality here is unmatched. There’s a beautiful kitchen, a library with several books documenting travels and culture of Italy and beyond, and a wonderful community breakfast table for you to share your Florentine adventures with your Italian neighbors.

Across the river, you’ll find one of our favorite spots. For lunch, step blocks off of the Arno river to enjoy the incredible menu at Mangiafoco Osteria Tartuferia. Located on one of the oldest streets of Florence, Osteria Tartuferia boasts incredible dishes using local produce as well as a fantastic wine menu, fulfilling the classic Tuscan tradition of feasting in a pleasant, familiar environment that immediately feels cozy--not crowded. This incredible restaurant specializes in black truffle dishes, of course only when seasonally available, and occasionally hosts small-scale wine tastings with their favorite local vineyards.

If you’re craving a cocktail, stop by La Ménagère . First created as a home shop in 1896, today La Ménagère also plays the role of restaurant and bar in addition to continuing to find and collect some of the most interesting home goods from around the world. At the bar, each concoction is more of a story than a drink! Always serving something new and original, the bartenders are constantly experimenting with unusual ingredients. La Ménagère considers their bar a “real laboratory”, a unique place unlike any other.

For the most characteristically “Florentine” dinner, visit Trattoria Buzzino. This classic italian restaurant has been a family business since 1844. Again boasting local produce as well as strictly homemade pasta, everything on the menu is simply delicious. You’ll find classic Tuscan dishes here such as Hare Pappardelle, incredible homemade sausages, and Ribollita.


Whether you’re the winner of this grand prize or just passing through the Tuscan region, we hope you find the time to pass through these historic Florentine gems. If you’re closer to Nashville but craving a taste of Italy, stop by our studio to explore classic handmade Italian shoes, sip on a Negroni, and be transported to another place.



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