About Us


In 2009, Phillip Nappi left Nashville with his wife, Dana, and their daughter Eleanna to pursue a lifelong dream of learning how to make boots.  It was while they were in Italy that he discovered his grandfather, Pietro Nappi, was himself a boot maker along with Pietro's father and grandfather.

From that moment, the Peter Nappi brand was born and with it a commitment to make quality boots and shoes that reflect timelessness, character, and authenticity. Peter Nappi designs pay homage to the past, present, and future --we strive not to follow trends, but to create footwear that becomes part of your core style.



We believe that every consumer’s decision makes a difference. Our quality reflects an appreciation for artisans as well as a commitment to mindful consumption; the timelessness and durability of Peter Nappi footwear mean they need not be replaced every season, but cherished for a lifetime.  We are happy to have one-time customers that are satisfied for life!


At Peter Nappi, it is of the utmost importance to us that every product that bears our name meets the highest possible quality standards. Quality is non-negotiable, but equally so is respectable and responsible treatment of the craftsmen and women who make our shoes. We have found the perfect mix of these requirements with our partner factories in Europe, and cherish working with such talented, joyful people.

We use the highest quality leathers from around the world for our shoes and bags; from Kudu to classic Tuscan vitello, our leather is handled with the utmost care from start to finish.