September 25, 2018


With a family line of Italian shoemakers traced back to the 1700s, we are dedicated to crafting the highest quality, most authentic footwear on the market.  Since the rebirth of our brand in 2011, we have been honored to work with some of the best shoemakers in the world. This year we have added a few more talented partners that have enabled us to bring you our most robust line yet. 

Not unlike many other industries, over the past few decades the shoemaking industry has seen some radical changes.  Advancements in technology, an increasingly diverse workforce, a rise in collaborations and an altogether more connected world has led to a vast field of quality craftsmanship that spans the globe. We have spent the past few years branching out, meeting new makers and investigating options on how to grow.

This fall we are excited to present products made by two new factories, both in Portugal, who have helped bring some of our latest styles to life. We’re honored to work with these new partners who, like our partners in Italy, infuse their own unique attributes with our designs.  Read on to meet our partners in production and you’ll recognize a quite a few names you’ll see on our shelves today...

Introducing our newest partners João, Ana, Pedro, José and Cristina.



Dedicated to building long-term relations with their clients while solving challenges and evolving together, this new Portuguese factory brings innovative ideas and a quest for perfection that is inspiring.  They have been meticulously crafting our Fall styles including the Fina, Lynna, Carmine, Luigi and several others.


Our partners from Monsumono, Italy; Debbie, Catia, Martina, and their team have been with the Peter Nappi brand from the beginning.

In addition to gracing us with their esteemed friendship and encouragement along the way, this Italian factory has been an invaluable resource along our path.  They continually inspire with innovative design tweaks and construction techniques only privy to those born from generations of shoemakers. Admire their work in our flagship Julius and Julius Goodyears, the Ale, Stefano, Catia, Romeo and many more styles.


Hailing from the beautiful hilltops in Montevettolini, Italy, Enrico, Manuela, Gianluca and family are as equally elegant as adventurous.

They have worked with us inrefining some of our creativity and bringing forth some of our classic styles.  

Cherished friends, confidants and mentors, parts of the Peter Nappi brand has been brought forth under their guidance. See their exquisite craftsmanship in the Vito, Danilo, Giuseppe, Pietro styles and the rest of our dress collection.  

Next up we'll be introducing another new production partner who has helped us develop our latest sneaker lines.  Coming online & in the Studio soon!  

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