October 26, 2017




Of all of the people we have met in Italy over the years, Danilo Ceri stands out as one of our most unique and interesting friends. His store, Ceri Vintage, opened more than 16 years ago and is now a point of reference for fashion designers and vintage collectors from around the world. 

Vintage collection runs in his family--his father is also a world-renowned vintage collector who specializes in maps. Danilo started as a collector of military uniforms when he was 12 years old, then turned his passion into a business. At Danilo’s store you could find anything from antique furniture to bolts of one-of-a-kind-fabrics, however his favorite items to seek out are workwear and military uniforms. He says anything from the 19th century is the best. Danilo and Ceri Vintage have given us exposure to incredible designs that have been uncovered, asleep through modern history.

Danilo’s customers include Madonna, Katy Perry, Orlando Bloom, and countless other influential figures in fashion and pop culture. Fashion students also come over at the store to find their inspiration, and every year people flock to his store for Pitto Uomo fashion shows as it has become a meeting point for designers over the years. Each year, Danilo hosts a block party during the show, and we’ve been lucky enough to be a part of this celebration in years past. In fact, a few years ago we held a pop-up next to Danilo’s shop and ran into the founder of Pitti Uomo. We got to talking, and eventually ended up in the show the following years.


Danilo himself is a charmer, so much so that we named one of our classic designs after him. The "Danilo" is a classic dress shoe that's as charming and elegant as they come, not unlike the man himself.  Constructed from premium Cordovan leather, hand dyed for a unique depth of color and built on a vero cuoio sole, this piece is an eternal classic to be cherished as much as our friendship. 

In addition, you can shop some of Danilo's finds here at Peter Nappi in the Ceri Vintagecollection. 




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