January 14, 2018

Why Washed?

This season, we've introduced several washed styles into our collection. From classic boots like the Julius to our one of a kind Ludovica, the Peter Nappi styles you know and love are now available in distressed, washed leather. 

Washed leather gives a vintage, worn look and feel to footwear. This effect is created by gently processing our leather uppers and/or soles in water after they are veg-tanned and dyed--if you wanted to, you could get the same effect by throwing leather shoes in your washing machine at home! As a response to washed/distressed denim, washed leather has become popular for both shoes and accessories by creating a classic look without sacrificing quality or time to break in brand new, polished shoes.


In addition to giving a unique look, washed shoes add a level of comfort as they mold exactly to your foot as they are worn. Unlike stiff, unwashed leather, washed leather begins breaking in much faster and creates a fit perfect for your foot from day one. The washing process does cause some natural shrinkage in the leather, so we recommend sizing at least a full size up in washed styles. Check out the images below for an inside look into the production of these one of a kind shoes! 






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Don't see a color you love? Contact us about ordering your custom fit shoes! 


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