Hand-Dyed Collection

Introducing hand-dyed shoes for 2018! Let your personal style shine through with one-of-a-kind pieces that are built, and dyed, to last a lifetime. Here's how it works:

Step 1

Choose your favorite style & color from the collection.  They come from our factories in Florence, Italy in a veg-tanned “crust”, or un-dyed leather, and then sent to our Studio in Nashville.

Step 2

When you order, we dye your shoes by hand in the eco-friendly dye of your choosing in the Studio. After drying for a full 24 hours, each pair is checked for quality against our highest of standards. As each pair is dyed by hand, no two pairs will ever be the same.

Step 3

After drying and a quality check, your shoes are shipped to you wherever you may be! We will send you a shipping confirmation as soon as they are packed up and leave our Studio.  

Dyes are permanent and will not come off on your clothes or after exposure to the elements - and all products are eligible for exchange and return.