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Our Favorite Italian Phrases

Because of the nature of our business, we're lucky to travel to Italy quite frequently. We’re grateful for these experiences because each time we visit, we get to know a little more about our heritage, (plus, it’s beautiful!). Today on our blog we would love to share with you some of the key Italian phrases we’ve learned on these trips that give this language it’s flavor and flair. We definitely speak with our hands and our hearts; here are a few insights to help you understand exactly what we’re saying!



Literally translated, Salute means "health", but we use it much more commonly to say "Cheers!". This phrase can also be used after someone sneezes, as we might say "Bless you" in English. There's nothing better than having a wonderful meal with our Italian family and friends, amazing food, and good wine to declare "Salute!" 



“Fa Buio”

One of our favorites. Literally translated, this phrase means “it’s getting dark”. However, when used in the context of a difficult conversation, “fa buio” means you’ll never understand, or it will be dark outside before you hear what I’m saying to you. All in good fun of course, but it comes in handy when trying to make a point!


“Ti Voglio Bene”

This phrase serves as the cornerstone of our philosophy. Literally translated it means, “I love you,” but not in the same way as the romantic “t’amo” version. Ti voglio bene implies unconditional, selfless love and literally means “I want you to be well.” Often abbreviated as “TVB,” it’s used as a salutation in Italy to those who mean the most to you. So when you see TVB on our products, in our signatures or in the Studio, please know we truly, honestly, wish you well!  


"Mi sono dimenticata!"

I Forgot! You’ll hear this one a lot in Italy--Italians have such a graceful way of living without absorbing the stress or urgency of everyday life! Things often get delayed or pushed back to be addressed later, and that’s okay. A common response to this is Figurati! meaning, “it’s nothing” or “don’t worry”.


"Hai voluto la bicicletta? Adesso pedala!"

“You asked for the bike. Now pedal it!” Another way of saying “You made your bed, now lie in it.” Not something people would say to acquaintances, but definitely something you would say to a friend. Italians have a way of being a bit more direct in their speech; perhaps that is why you see so much passion in conversations!




"Enough!" or "That’s It!". Use this to stop the waiter from bringing yet another round of food, shout it to the couple smooching in the piazza, or to the people signing songs outside your window at 3AM. Perhaps you might direct it towards your favorite blogger who has rambled on too long about Italian sayings! "BASTA, BASTA!" 

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February 26, 2018

You all continue to do more and more beautiful inspirations! Ti Voglio Bene!

kelley estes
kelley estes

February 25, 2018

This is my favorite post thus far! I want to buy one of these tee shirts! Last time I inquired, they were on back order, but I haven’t ever been notified. Also, Would love to meet with Philip and Dana re: art, Italy, and happening things!

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